About Us

SUEVIO is a company with headquarters in New York providing a variety of Intellectual Property (IP) and brand protection services for our clients.

Our legal team has extensive expertise in intellectual property law, patents and trademarks, copyright protection and international law. Everyone on the SUEVIO team has been selected specifically for their skills and knowledge in brand protection. They can help you figure out which items can be trademarked as well as fight for your rights in court should it be uncovered that someone has infringed on your brand.

Brand theft can be anything from stealing content to actual theft of product design or logo. There will be times when theft happens unknowingly and without malice. In those cases, we will act in accordance with your desires.

SUVEIO’s proprietary software includes the refined ability to weed out actual offenders from those thousands of accidental false positives. This saves you money, time and stress.

Save Time

Let us protect your brand so you can keep doing what you do best.

Be Protected

We'll stop brand pirates before they steal your business.

Sell More

Losses from piracy will turn into business gains with our protection.

Streamlined Reports

See the effectiveness of our protection in easy to undestand reports.

Takedown DMCA Services

Eliminate Trademark theft by sending quick DMCA Complaints.

Real Time Monitoring

Get live organic and paid ad results to identify top violators.

Violators Analysis

Know the most damaging violators and prioritize your DMCA sending list .

Case Management System

Send speedy DMCA complaint notices along with violation proofs.

Business Intelligence Reports

Generate variety of brand oriented reports in the form of charts, graphs, etc.

Business Analytics Reports

Get data-driven insights to improve marketing efforts and secure your brand online.

Ecommerce industry Reports

Healthcare Industry Reports

Hotel Industry Reports

Travel and Tourism Market Research Reports