Online Branding Protection Services

A company’s brand is its success story—protect yours!

Branding is a commonly misunderstood word by many who are new to business. It is most often associated with the word “logo” but it’s so much more than that.

Your brand is also customer goodwill and relationships that are carefully nurtured.

Successful branding … that feeling of satisfaction when a customer recognizes your brand from a simple logo or sound … means you’ve established a relationship of trust with your customer.

Through effective branding, companies like Microsoft, Nike and Apple are seen as “exclusive” and “innovative”.
And that’s what we want for your brand. But this can also be problematic when brand thieves invade your space.

When someone makes money off your brand that is theft and it is not harmless.

Taking the efforts of another and appropriating them as your own is theft. They are stealing your work, labor, and innovation but they’re not just stealing from you. They are stealing from your customer who associates a level of quality and consistency from that product.

Here’s an example: ABC News covered a story last year about makeup knockoffs that was disturbing. The people who were selling fake MAC cosmetics were selling products with lead in them. Yet, those customers who believed they were buying MAC and got lead-based illnesses no doubt blamed MAC. It said “MAC” on the label, the products looked like MAC, the colors were the same but they were not MAC cosmetics. Not only did the brand thieves create products that people will associate with MAC in the future, they substituted toxic chemicals that could do serious harm.

Protecting your brand is not only about saving you money and goodwill but also protecting your customers from people who don’t care about hurting them.

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