Why is it important to secure your brand?

The value of trade in counterfeit and pirated goods could reach $991 Billion by 2022
Source: Frontier Economics

Takedown DMCA Services

Eliminate Trademark theft by sending quick DMCA Complaints.

Real Time Monitoring

Get live organic and paid ad results to identify top violators.

Violators Analysis

Know the most damaging violators and prioritize your DMCA sending list.

Case Management System

Send speedy DMCA complaint notices along with violation proofs.

Business Intelligence Reports

Generate a variety of brand oriented reports in the form of charts, graphs, etc.

Business Analytics Reports

Get data-driven insights to improve marketing efforts and secure your brand online.

SUEVIO Dashboard Preview

Identify - SUEVIO has helped brand managers and legal departments monitor their Trademarks online and quickly alert them to potential violations.
Enforce - SUEVIO finds most damaging offenders and helps in prioritizing violators. Brand Managers can send speedy DMCA takedown notices along with violation proofs.
Eliminate - SUEVIO gives you the facility to send repetitive DMCA notices to ensure removal. We also keep a check on previous violators along with new ones.

SUEVIO Benefits

  • Interactive Dashbaord
  • Easy to navigate
  • Responsive and Compatible
  • Customized Analytics Report
  • Instant Notifications
  • Around the clock support

SUEVIO: A Service That Protects and Maintains Your Brand Online


Protect your brand’s website by adding SUEVIO seal of your choice and let violators know your content is protected, verified and under contentious monitoring.

  • SUEVIO Seal
  • SUEVIO Seal
  • SUEVIO Seal
  • SUEVIO Seal
SUEVIO Registration

It takes only a minute to complete SUEVIO registration and secure your trademark.

The trademark and content appearing on this website are protected by SUEVIO, the global leader in intellectual property(IP)and brand protection services.
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