DMCA Protection Services

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (DMCA) is a component of Title 17 of the U.S. Code and is an essential tool of U.S. copyright law in your fight against online brand piracy. There is oftentimes a great deal of mystery and lack of understanding about how DMCA Take Down Notices work and their effectiveness.

The notice itself is sent to web host and internet service providers to protect them and their interests from being legally liable for theft and other online crimes committed using their servers. When a DMCA Take Down Notice is sent to a hosting company, they must respond by forcing the offending party to remove the content if it is proven sufficiently that they have infringed on protected work.

Some of the benefits to using a DMCA Take Down Notice against offenders include speed and cost. The notice can also incorporate the removal of hypertext links, indexes and other location tools which directly point to the offending materials. Our legal experts will help protect your rights and will issue the appropriate Take Down letters when infringement is discovered.

A DMCA Take Down Notice should be one of the more important tools in your anti-piracy kit but not the sole magic bullet to protecting your brand.


There are many offshore sites making money from digital piracy, plagiarism and brand theft which are hosted in countries where service providers are more willing to look the other way to this type of behavior.

This is why the DMCA Take Down Notice is a strategic part of our overall brand protection package but it isn’t the only tool we use to protect your rights.

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