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The e-commerce industry has grown by leaps and bounds just in the past decade. From online shopping to ordering services and paying bills, brand sustenance and loyalty are more important than ever before.

But there’s a disturbing trend that we want to show you and it’s happening across all of the e-commerce marketplace. What is it? A downward spiral in revenue and brand awareness.
What we think is happening is that brand pirates are stealing the goodwill and customer loyalty right out from under your nose. And when you’re trying to stay afloat, keeping an eye out for brand piracy is something that sometimes gets relegated to the back burner.

In this report, we will show you the statistics occurring industry-wide as well as some insights into the trends currently being experienced including…


Industry Snapshot

In 2014, the global e-commerce industry saw impressive growth of over $1.5 trillion dollars thanks to online shoppers on computers, tablets and Smartphones. And this industry continues to grow at a brisk pace.


Source: Statistica, Euro Monitor

As per the projections below, we can see the growth of e-commerce industry in the U.S. rise from 226 $billion to a whopping $392 billion in 2016. The U.S. now is the 2nd largest e-commerce industry in the world with stunning market potential.


Source: Deloitte

Similarly, the U.S. retail e-commerce industry holds a bright future with projected growth in revenue as shown below:


Source: Statistica,Euro Monitor, Criteo


Industry Challenge

Despite healthy growth, the American e-commerce industry is still very unpredictable and maintaining a stable market share is a challenge. What does this mean? The growth of a few top players shows that not all companies are growing becausewe see a fall in revenue over the past couple of years. If the industry is booming, why isn’t everyone prospering? The reason for this trend remains unknown.


Source: NASDAQ,Wikipedia

As seen in the chart above, Searce, Liberty Interactive and Staples have falling revenues are even though they are some of the top level players. Here’s our question: If they’re seeing a decline and they are the elite, what’s happening to smaller businesses that don’t have the strength and presence of these top players?

Moreover, an abrupt drop in the sales volume even during peak business periods is a chief indication of the reduced number of orders

The e-commerce industry itself is an umbrella concept consisting of numerous sub-industries within it including Utilities, Communications, Transportation, Hospitality, Consumer Products, Healthcare and Retail. The graph below reflects losses as a result of online brand infringement:


Source: Statistica, Euro Monitor


SUEVIO’s Approach

SUEVIO recognizes that the root of the problem is the unsecured branding of a brand or organization which can be manipulated to suit brand pirates.
We make sure none of your competitors are misusing and violating your trademark. We go up against violators by sending legal notices and taking legal action, if required, to make sure that your brand is 100% secure.

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