Why is copyright important for my website?

Copyright protects your digital content from being used by unauthorized entities for their personal gains. It empowers you to take legal action against the culprits and ensure that your unique creations are safeguarded.

What constitutes a violation of trademark?

Trademark infringement by your competitors includes any misuse of word, phrase, symbol, or other indicators that represents your brand, in order to divert your customers to their brand.

How will Suevio track my violators?

In order to find potential brand or Intellectual Property misuse we have built a powerful search tool that will search the web for potential violations of copyright or plagiarism, and then refines that search to weed out false positives. Our tools are far more intelligent and nuanced than the average plagiarism tool so that we can pinpoint only the offending websites.

How will Suevio help to protect my brand?

Suevio will identify all the infringements taking place on your brand and employ a variety of methods to assist you in protecting your brand, depending on the package that you choose. Once identified, violators are referred to our legal team for further inspection.

What will be the future of my brand with Suevio?

It is important to understand that securing a brand is an ongoing process and the efforts need to be constantly made to ensure that violators are not exploiting your negligence post Suevio. Once your brand is clear of violators, it doesn’t mean that they won’t return. Hence Suevio’s branding will not only keep your brand secure but also pave the path for your stable growth.