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Leveraging our access to data, SUEVIO delivers key metricsand actionable intelligence that help global brand ownersevaluate and improve domain portfolio performance.

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DMCA Takedown Tool

Take complete control of your brand violators with SUEVIO’s easy-to-use dashboards and eliminate trademark theft by sending quick DMCA complaints.

  • DMCA experts to manage your account for better performance.
  • Option of sending second DMCA in case there is no action from violators.
  • Provision of legal consultation and assistance on demand.
  • You get 3 FREE DMCAs per Trademark.

Real Time Monitoring

SUEVIO monitors all your brand keywords for the registered Trademarks. Know your Trademark health by finding run-time results on Search Engine Results Page.

  • Find new violators with every search result and prioritize your list.
  • Get alerts for new and re-appearing violators.
  • Get your brand score card and elevate your marketing efforts.
  • You can add UNLIMITED brand keywords

Case Management System

Within 24 Hrs get detailed case analysis with proofs prepared by DMCA specialists and increase your DMCA Takedown success ratio by 100%.

  • SUEVIO experts are skilled at scrutinizing each case unequivocally.
  • For each case we collect proofs based on the type of violation.
  • We find the right contacts to speed up the Takedown.
  • Our case managers work 24X7 on DMCA Takedown claims.

Business Intelligence Reports

You can generate goal oriented reports like brand score, violators analysis and keyword performance to elevate your brand marketing efforts.

  • SUEVIO gives actionable insights to capture opportunities across digital channels.
  • SUEVIO builds individual Trademark reports that are updated in real-time.
  • BI reports allow you to recapture revenue & channelize marketing investments.
  • Our customers have experienced 20% increase in ROI after using SUEVIO.