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The Hotel Industry is a rapidly growing one with businesses that strategize according to the changing business paradigm and reaping the most benefits out of the possibilities that the industry presents. Even though there is a big market to be tapped in this industry, there are many organizations that are experiencing a revenue downfall due to unknown reasons.

Business are so focused in their own activities that they no longer have the resources to keep an eye on the unscrupulous activities that may be happening to their brand over the internet. Because the online world has become a focal point for business activities for all rapidly expanding brands, it’s even more important to have a solid business strategy that can complement the efforts being made by the business over the digital platform. This report provides an insight into the trends going on in the Hotel Industry which include:


Industry Snapshot

According to Statistica, the Hotel industry’s global growth in Gross Domestic Product – adjusting for inflation – was moderate at 3.2% in 2015 with projections of 3.1% for the U.S. alone. The globalannual revenue of the Hotel industry has seen a substantial rise since 2009 up from $395 billion to $550 billion.

Average revenue of the Hotel Industry in United States alone has seen a steady growth over the past 5 years.


Source: Euro Monitor,Statistica


Industry Challenge

The Hotel industry is a vast sector and we have already seen the growth projections yet there lays a problem faced by these organizations:Their online presence is being hampered leading to abundant losses.


Source: NASDAQ,Wikipedia

Of the top brands Red Lion is comparatively small and fairly stagnant with little to no growth where the Starwood Group of Hotels & Resorts (consists of over 10 Brand Hotels) and Wynn Resource are facing losses. The problem is that these companies are losing money but don’t know why.

We speculate that a chunk of these losses are caused by brand infringement and here’s how Suevio will protect you.


SUEVIO’s Approach

SUEVIO recognizes that the root of the problem is the unsecured branding of a brand or organization which can be manipulated to suit brand pirates.

We make sure none of your competitors are misusing and violating your trademark. We go up against violators by sending legal notices and taking legal action, if required, to make sure that your brand is 100% secure.

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