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A company’s brand is its success story – protect yours!

Branding is a commonly misunderstood word by many who are new to business. It is most often associated with the word “logo” but it’s so much more than that. Your brand is also customer goodwill and relationships that are carefully nurtured.

Successful branding … that feeling of satisfaction when a customer recognizes your brand from a simple logo or sound … means you’ve established a relationship of trust with your customer.

When someone makes money off your brand that is theft and it is not harmless. Protecting your brand is not only about saving your money and goodwill but also protecting your customers from people who don’t care about hurting them.

Why is it important to secure your brand?

The value of trade in counterfeit and pirated goods could reach $991 Billion by 2022
Source: Frontier Economic

you hire suevio to be your brand guardian

We not only monitor for trademark violations but also respond to deliberate acts of infringement by working with enforcement agencies to stop the person(s) or company causing the piracy and shut them down. We investigate and report this theft to the proper authorities before they can bypass you and sell their product using your intellectual property

see how tom protected his brand with suevio

Here's how we'll protect you

Trademark Protection

Safeguard your intellectual property to eliminate brand theft.

Copyright Protection

Keep brand materials and collateral safe.

Dmca Take Down Notices

Know your rights when it comes to issuing a takedown notice.

Search Engine Delisting

Eliminate content theft by shutting down the pirate's website.

Piracy Detection Monitoring

Eradicate brand hijacking and trafficking.


We'll keep your brand safe.

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