Piracy Detection Monitoring

A successful brand does not happen overnight. Brand loyalty is the end result of consistent customer engagement, innovation and financial investment. There are thousands of copycats out there waiting to steal that hard work and make money off of the relationships you’ve formed without the same stewardship, effort or investment.

When competitors steal the materials and collateral behind your successful brand, they are not only stealing potential revenue from your company and stakeholders, but also from your customers who have placed their trust and money in the value of your product or service.

Brand theft and content plagiarism happens every day and most people aren’t even aware that it’s been done to them.

Trademark and copyright trafficking are crimes

Our software scans the web for your words, designs, logos and any other branding materials. When your content has been duplicated in whole or part, a report is created. Once the scan is concluded and we have a list of non-attributed and attributed content we offer you several solutions including legal action if the infraction is severe enough. We do all the legwork and legal work so you can keep doing what you do best: Grow your business.

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