Search Engine Delisting

Search Engine Delisting is when a web page or website is removed from a search engine’s index. Search engines like Google have many reasons for this that are organic in naturelike a lack of links or black hat SEO tricks such as keyword stuffing.

Delisting is a valuable tool to use when someone has copied your content word for word. Most search engines use the same guidelines when it comes to duplicate content and will delist an offending website.

Delisting is a powerful tool against brand theft

When we track down duplicate content, we are able to take back the power from the aggressor by reporting the site and having it delisted. No web-based company can survive without traffic and by removing the source of their revenue you will effectively destroy the culprits who’ve attempted to rob you of your hard work and investment.

Search engine delisting is one of the easiest and quickest ways to overcome content theft because it requires very little time and investment on your part. Once we come across the content and verify that there are few or no attributions, we simply submit the information to the appropriate search engines and wait for them to drop off in rank.

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