Trademark Protection Services

Counterfeiting and piracy happens every day in every country and, at Suevio, we want to make sure it doesn’t impact you and your business. Without a piracy guardian you may not even know it has happened. Unscrupulous people are willing to steal the brand names and logos you have spent countless hours, days and even years on and use them for their own purposes.

How do they do it? They might change color on a logo or a shift the design of your brand name.

It’s piracy and we’re here to protect you from that.

According to The Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the international trade of pirated and counterfeited goods alone is close to 200 billion dollars each year. And domestic counterfeiting and trafficking can be several hundred billion dollars higher.

Trademarks are one of the most important ways to protect your ideas your brand names and logos from theft

So what should happen after you’ve followed the recommendation of a trademark attorney and protected every possible aspect of your branding that you can?

You hire Suevio to be your brand guardian.

We not only monitor for trademark violations but also respond to deliberate acts of infringement by working with enforcement agencies to stop the person(s) or company causing the piracy and shut them down. We investigate and report this theft to the proper authorities before they can bypass you and sell their product using your intellectual property.

Brand names and logos are the foundation of our trademark protection package which will help safeguard your intellectual property and your business.

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