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The Travel and Tourism industry continue to grow rapidly with businesses that employ strategies according to an ever-changing business paradigm that permits them to reap the most benefits out of the possibilities the industry presents. Even though there is a big market to be tapped, there are many organizations that are experiencing a revenue downfall due to unknown reasons.

Competition is cut throat and business are so focussed in their own activities they no longer have the resources to keep an eye on the unscrupulous activities of internet pirates.

Since the internet has become a focal point for business activities for all rapidly expanding brands,this report provides an insight into the trends going on in the Healthcare Industry.
Let’s look at three main areas:


Industry Snapshot

Both Statistica and Euro Monitor report that global travel and tourism sales are expected to go up from $2.26 billion dollars in 2013 to $2.84 billion by2017. Healthy growth in this industry is driven by rising number of trips in emerging as well as advanced markets.

A big chunk of these sales can be attributed to the online market that compliments the offline businesses of these big organizations.
In 2015, 21.6% of global sales came from online revenue and that number is expected to grow to 27.7% in 2017:


In the US, the Travel and Tourism industry is booming due to the tourist attraction the country enjoys thanks to international travellers and national markets also show great growth potential. The online performance of the industry is also growth oriented showing an average growth rate of 9.6% between 2012 and 2015.


Source: Deloitte PWC, EUI


Industry Challenge

The organizations that are competing in the Travel and Tourism industry face a customer base that is very demanding in terms of brand experience but, at the same time, can be loyal to the brand if the experience is a positive one. Therefore, to increase the market share as well as to cut the costs, is a challenge every business with a strong brand has to face.

Moreover, there is a constant threat from the intermediaries that enjoy the bargaining powers over the industry by providing cost effective solutions to its customers.

As seen in the graph below, revenues are going down rather than increasing even though they are the global industry leaders and the industry itself is booming.


Source: NASDAQ,Wikipedia

Online brand infringement is becoming a constant nuisance that every business has to deal with. Piracy’s reach is so large that no industry is safe until and unless they have taken appropriate steps to address this issue.

If there is an abrupt drop in the sales volume of a company during its peak timesit can be an indication that competitors are taking advantage of their brand and making money by stealing their customers. There will always be competitors who are waiting to pounce on any brand that has not made enough effort to secure their online presence and use that as a platform to launch themselves.



SUEVIO’s Approach

SUEVIO recognizes that the root of the problem is the unsecured branding of a brand or organization which can be manipulated to suit brand pirates.

We make sure none of your competitors are misusing and violating your trademark. We go up against violators by sending legal notices and taking legal action, if required, to make sure that your brand is 100% secure.

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